Are You OK?


I wanted to share a concept from Transactional Analysis with you. One that I have found extremely helpful in certain circumstances or situations and a theory that can be really beneficial in aiding self awareness, a prime objective of any Psychotherapy or Counselling.


The OK Corral




The diagram above is The OK Corral and is used to establish an individual’s primary position in life as well as their position in certain circumstances, in certain groups, with certain other individuals and within organisations and society as a whole. This model was designed by Franklin Ernst and works along side the underpinning principal of Transactional Analysis that ‘Every one is born OK’ and that every one has a right to be in this world and to be accepted and has the capacity to change. The OK Corral looks at the ‘life position’ that we adopt, which informs how we view ourselves, others and the world.


What dictates our life position?

Everything that we experience after birth. This includes how our parents or primary care givers treated us and how we have been treated by others.


The four basic life positions are……

1. I’m OK with me

2. I’m not OK with me

3. You’re OK with me

4. You’re not OK with me.


The diagram above (Fig 3) shows how these positions are plotted. Resulting in four quadrants.

1. I’m OK, You’re OK

2. I’m OK, You’re Not OK

3. I’m Not OK, You’re OK

4. I’m Not OK, You’re Not OK


These quadrants determine how we function socially, within this framework. For example the ideal quadrant to be coming from is the top right one – I’m OK, You’re OK, as it implies a strong sense of self esteem and worth as well as a respect for the other and their individuality, generally resulting in good, open communication.


Are You OK?


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