Dealing with Mental Health Problems.

According to statistics, roughly a quarter of the population will experience some kind of mental health problem in any given year so chances are even if you don’t fall into that percentage yourself, someone you know will. Supporting yourself or an other through an experience like this can be overwhelming and often times people are given both conflicting and confusing information. It can be a lot to digest.




In her blog ‘Dealing with mental health problems’ Hazel Hill looks at some common causes of such health issues and also discusses some of the symptoms people can display as well as highlighting the important role psychotherapy and/or counselling can play in exploring what is going on for you. Hazel also looks at other things, such as diet and staying active, that can help to alleviate distress.

In addition to this most recent article you can find more blogs by Hazel on her website Counselling in your Community. Hazel is based in Sheffield.

If you are experiencing mental health difficulties and wish to speak in confidence with someone please contact me by email here – or by phone on 07950 345363. All enquiries are confidential and treated with integrity and respect.


Don’t suffer alone.



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