The Doodle Chronicles


Mental Illness can be tough, even impossible, for some to talk about. It can also be challenging to understand if you have never experienced it yourself and, a lot of the time, even those close to us can struggle to grasp what is going on, no matter how hard we try and explain. This can lead to frustration and stigma.


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The Doodle Chronicles is a collection of doodles representative of one girl’s journey to understanding her own struggles with severe clinical depression and generalised  anxiety disorder.

Molly says that ‘these doodles started off simply as a way for me to understand and process my feelings during my darkest times. I decided to share the images with family and friends; the response was, surprisingly, wonderful and I was inspired to share this further, with the hopes that this might help even just one person.’


You can see Molly’s wonderful doodles (including the two above) on;



and Facebook

and learn more about her campaign/help back her project on Kickstarter


You can also read about Molly and her work in The Guardian’s article ‘Drawing Through Depression’


It’s important we keep talking about mental health and supporting the wonderful people like Molly who make it that little bit easier.









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